Thursday, January 16, 2020

Human Nature View Essay

Within the western view of human nature, it emphasizes that humans are made in the image of God. It is mostly composed within Judeo-Christian tradition. This view looks at human nature to be loving, rational, and relational to God. The way the western view decides good or evil depends on actions and choices. Good expresses life, charity, happiness, and love. Evil would consist of discrimination, humiliation, destructiveness, and so on. Society would be fair and just to a point and limitation. The view expresses that we are all brothers and sisters under the image of God. That all of our actions and observed and judged. Depending on our actions, results into a metaphysical afterlife to heaven or hell. The western view is free and open-minded to all, and very safe to society. There would be no power group. In the hands of the less fortunate, it is taught that we should help them and think of them as the same position disregarding wealth. However, the eastern view of human nature differs. The eastern view is mostly related with the Hindu and Sufi traditions. Their state of thinking expresses that humans are caught in an illusion of difference. They believe in reincarnation and karma. Similar to the western view, they also believe in a system of good or bad choices. Although, there is a difference in beliefs. Unlike the western view, the eastern some may consider it to me more harmonious and free without believing in absurdities, while still being able to participate. There is no power group either. Everything is sought out for is for peace, harmony, and justice. On the basis of having disabilities or being less fortunate still considers to be assisted but viewed the same in regards to social status. This view, also believes in a rebirth while the western view does not. Practices of sacrifice for a better outcome in the future is also practiced in this view.

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