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Building a Gaming Computer - 1125 Words

Building a gaming computer may be an intimidating endeavour, but in all actuality with a little hard work anyone can be a whiz at putting together a gaming computer. Why build a custom gaming PC? Well it’ll save money, and give the builder a great experience. It’s always fun to learn how different things work. The price of a top of the line retail gaming computer runs from two thousand on up to five thousand dollars and beyond, a monitor alone could cost one thousand dollars. The two types of gaming PC builds are , the hardcore gamer build which will cost a little extra, and the casual gamer build which isn’t as expensive; moreover, the steps in building a gaming PC are: creating a budget, researching what the builder/user wants the PC to†¦show more content†¦If the user of the PC is a hardcore gamer and he/she wants the games to play on high or ultra graphics settings without looking glitchy, or lagging out, then, the graphics card, RAM, and CPU are goi ng to be the main focus of spending. Although if the user is just a casual gamer who doesn’t care about the look of the games he/she plays, and just really wants a computer for everyday browsing then the bare essentials are all that is needed. For, a hardcore build the base budget is in the range of twelve hundred to fifteen hundred dollars. The budget for a casual gaming PC is four hundred to six hundred dollars. One big rule when deciding a budget, NEVER try to save money on the power supply. The power supply is the heart of the PC, it gives the computer life. Without the power supply the other components would not be anything but metal and plastic. The first portion of the computer build for either casual or hardcore, is the CPU. There are two major companies to pick from, Intel and AMD.The only difference in the two is the compatibility with certain motherboards. Whichever is picked, Intel or AMD, will help narrow the decisions on the motherboard, which will in turn h elp figure out the RAM needed. After the decision has been made of one company or the other, the next step is to pick which CPU from either company is the right one for the builder. Intel has the newShow MoreRelatedVideo Games And Its Impact On The Gaming Industry916 Words   |  4 Pagesthat a gaming computer instead of a gaming console is the practical alternative. I persuade gamers to stop pouring their money into these gaming consoles, instead purchase or build a gaming computer. I will discuss how a gaming computer is a better purchase than a gaming console because of improved graphics, financial gain, upgrade compatibility, versatile controller options, game selections, learning opportunities, and alternative capabilities. You may be thinking, I’m not interesting gaming or It’sRead MoreComputer Research Paper1437 Words   |  6 PagesHow to Build A Gaming Computer Computers have changed over the years. This includes speed, video quality and effectiveness. Computers have been made in different styles using different software and components. Building a gaming computers will allow the user to pick and choose what components are wanted when building. Building a gaming computer can be successfully achieved by carefully following outlined steps and safety precautions. In order to correctly build a gaming computer the followingRead MoreEssay On How To Build A Computer1465 Words   |  6 PagesMy research question is ‘How can I build a mid-tower gaming computer for less than a thousand dollars?’ I choose this question because I love computers and tinkering around with them. There are always plenty of options in the tech stores for normal budget desktops and laptops. Gaming computers however do not have such a large selection and the prices are an eye widener. My specific use for the research project computer build is to be very capable at playing games and doing everything else at lessRead MoreVideo Games Have Been Around Since The 1950 S1390 Words   |  6 PagesVideo games have been around since the 1950’s. The first computer game was called Chess and there was no â€Å"video† to be displayed. The program was not even powerful enough to play the full game. The first computer game to use video was called XOX, or Noughts and Crosses, a form of digital tic-tac-toe. Since then, video games have rapidly grown in popularity and improved the play style and graphics. Some graphics in video games that are currently being released look realistic and the gameplayRead MoreBuilding A Computer Essay1036 Words   |  5 Pagesmoney by building your own computer rather than buying it from a retail store. Today you will be learning how to build your own pc step by step. There’s a lot of steps when it comes to building a computer. From getting the case of the computer to all the hardware. First of all you will need to know what kind of computer you will be wanting to build for example, if you want to build a home office for word processing, you will have much different requirements than if you were to be building a high-endRead MorePc Essay1239 Words   |  5 Pages Do you want all the power in your hands? Then you need a high-end gaming computer. With a high-end gaming pc you can do anything you want. Most people who think building a pc is extremely expensive. But i will showcase the process and the journey in which I have gone web searching and book turning to find all of my information. The reason I selecting build a pc was because I wanted to learn more about it and fully understand it. I somewhat knew of the subject but wanted to get my desired outcomeRead MoreGaming: How Gaming Has Evolved Over Time. The Evolution1284 Words   |  6 PagesGaming: How Gaming Has Evolved Over Time The evolution of the gaming world continues to strive for further evolvement by expanding the way games are experienced. From the beginning with the start of a game that just depicted a story in words, to changing the way games can be controlled by gamers, we see them evolve even in story concepts. Games provide more choices of action in the ever-growing number of games and game consoles. Starting from no graphics at all and progressing to 3D and reachingRead MoreComponents Of Building A Gaming Pc1288 Words   |  6 Pagescomponents involved in building a gaming PC. I believe this is a great topic for me as my intended professional goal is to become a video game developer. Where would a professional game developer, like myself, be without a proper gaming PC. Plus, I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to share my passion. I have owned many gaming consoles, PC’s, and Mac’s over the years. If you are a true gamer, you will already know which platform is the best for you. Gaming consoles like the PS4Read MoreBellagio Controls Essay719 Words   |  3 Pagesoperations; - Constant observation and supervision of the gaming area; - Observation and recording of gaming and other areas by closed-circuit television; - Timely analysis of deviations from expected performance; - Constant computer monitoring of slot machines. These controls help to ensure that cash operations are going well. The company’s businesses were also subject to various other federal, state, and local laws and regulations in addition to gaming regulations. These laws and regulations included,Read MoreThe Effects Of Video Games On Physical Health1477 Words   |  6 Pagesca/video-games/concerns-about-video-games Cost of gaming Video games are a fun hobby, but no one ever said it was an inexpensive one. For example a brand new console such as the PS4 or an Xbox One will cost you around  £300-400 standalone with absolutely no games. Factoring in the price of games this will usually cost about  £40-50 easily for new releases. And if that wasn’t enough PC gamers have an even harder time when it comes to building their machine as a moderate gaming rig will cost the average user around

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